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Psychological evaluation services now available!

Psychological evaluation and assessment is a way to learn more about a person’s way of thinking, behaviour, personality, cognitive abilities, ability to regulate their emotions, and more. It’s a way to understand how the mind works, just like a physical evaluation helps understand how the body works.

A psychologist can use formal and informal tests, interviews, and observations to make an informed opinion.

The results of the evaluation can help a person understand psychological factors that may be affecting their personal, social, academic, or workplace success. These results can be shared with other professionals or organizations, such as social workers or psychotherapists, schools, insurance companies, or lawyers, to help communicate a person’s needs and make a plan to address them.

Our Clinical Psychologist can conduct a psychological evaluation to:

  • Understand the strengths and challenges of students of any age through a psychoeducational assessment
  • Determine short- or long-term psychological responses to life experiences such as chronic pain or illness, motor vehicle accident, or traumatic injury through a disability psychological assessment
  • Communicate the effects of experiences like intimate partner violence, immigration or forced migration, violent crime to the legal system through a legal psychological assessment

Based on the results of the assessment, we can offer helpful recommendations on next steps in your mental health care and work with you to get the support you need.

The Wellness Place has a team of dedicated professionals who can offer psychotherapy and counselling to help you reach your goals.

Make an appointment today to understand your current psychological situation and get help moving forward with your life in a healthy way.

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