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When I was very young, I used to ask my mother to draw me the car my dad owned, which we called “The Beetle”. One day she had had enough of my pestering, and told me to draw it yourself. That was the beginning of my work as an artist.

I come from an artistic family and spent my career as a professional singer and composer. I have always had a passion for painting, which I’m now able to spend more time doing. I mainly use watercolors as my medium, but acrylic has also become very expressive for me.

My subjects are varied – I draw or paint whatever inspires me; it could be a boat or a face, a still life or a jaguar. I have also experimented with cartoons, abstract work, and story writing and illustration.

I have found that producing art – in any of its many forms – is a fun way to spend one’s time. Not only can you express your thoughts and feelings, but you have the reward of creating something that wasn’t there before.

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