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Music has been part of my life since my childhood in Bangladesh, where I studied under a disciple of world-renowned dancer Birju Maharaj and performed for foreign dignitaries and at international festivals. I continued to dance and sing when I moved to Toronto in the late 1970s, and I soon opened the Lamis School of Music and Dance.

After working with a pupil with acute asthma to allow her to fulfill her passion to dance, I became aware of the power of dance as therapy and began teaching dance as rehabilitation, using movements based on Kathak, a north Indian classical dance. My approach to teaching dance has evolved, as have my students, who are of all ages and ethnicities and come together for a range of reasons.

As a dancer and dance teacher, I have found that dance benefits not only the body, but the soul as well, boosting self-esteem, promoting emotional well-being and fostering cultural connections.

See our Wellness Services page for the class schedule.

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