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Join one of our unique wellness classes.

Anger Management Group

This psycho-educational workshop takes place over 2 Saturdays (12 hours total), and participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end. This workshop is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), designed to develop the ability to understand and manage anger. 

Program objectives: learn how to identify stressors and control reactions to respond in a socially appropriate manner, and ways to decrease emotional arousal often associate with anger.

Workshop dates:

  • April 7 & 14, 2018 – registration closed
  • May 5 & 12 – space available for men and women (English)

Contact us for details or to register.

Art Expressions

Art is a way to express yourself and feel great about it. This class will show you various methods to uncover your personal creativity and achieve your artistic potential. You will learn how to work with colour, and techniques to translate what you see, think, and feel onto paper.

Art Expression is great for participants of all levels and can help reduce stress through ‘tuning inwards’ and finding moments of bliss in the process.

Instructor: Afzal Subhani

Preregistration required.

Indian Therapeutic & Healing Dance

A form of therapy involving body awareness and energy flow, this class joins exercise and dance to make them less intimidating and more approachable. Think of it as meditative movement or a mindful dance, where every movement is intentional and every result varies based on the effort of the individual.

Indian Therapeutic & Healing Dance is great for participants of all levels and can help reduce stress through ‘tuning inwards’ and finding moments of bliss within the dance flow. This technique allows individuals from all walks of life to develop and enjoy their own practice.

Beyond the physical and emotional benefits, there’s a sense of creativity too. By adding personal style and flair to the choreographed dance movements, individuals are encouraged to step outside the norm of dance in society and to extend their diversity into the wonderful world of dance!

Instructor: Munni Subhani

Preregistration required.

Emotional Education for Children and Parents

A cooperative community, family, and/or school program designed to develop emotional intelligence in children, and parenting skills in their parents/caregivers. The program comprises of two consecutive groups: one group of children that are trained to recognize and express feelings, develop self-motivation for fulfilling goals, and a general attitude of trust and optimism. The other group will support parents in discussing challenges of parenting in modern society and developing effective parenting skills.

Program objectives: empower families; help children to recognize and express feelings; promote healthy relationships, parenting, stress management and self-esteem; reduce level of violence and bullying in school settings; develop a social network for families in order to create a sense of community in schools; and, promote success in schools. 

Building Strengths for Youth

A cooperative high school, community, and/or family program designed to develop emotional intelligence in youth. In this workshop, youth and adolescents will develop mindfulness and personal strengths that will allow them to enhance the main components of happiness (positive emotions, commitment, meaning, relationship and goals) which increase wellbeing and learning. 

Program objectives: increase personal and social growth; promote positive emotions and attitudes; reduce level of violence and bullying; reduce level of school dropouts; and, promote academic success.

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